3 things that writing for 24 hours a day for 2 years taught me

And could teach you…

So, you have quit your job and you want to become a writer.

Well, a person does not just become a writer. We all have it in us, it is just a matter of learning what makes it truly reveal itself.

“Quote from a respectable writer about joy or hardship of writing”

We all know about that stumbling block which grips you at the gut. Sure, you have some great ideas but they just won’t come out. You stare at your blank computer screen and it is just not showing the words that you want to be there.

At least, for me, this is what happened. But then, I made a decision. And, I wasn’t going to allow my life, sense or quality stand in the way.

I decided to write for 24 hours a day for 2 years. What I learnt was more valuable than any class could have ever taught me.

Coy subtitle

Firstly, writing for 24 hours a day teaches you that hammering nonsense onto a keyboard is actually very easy.

Let’s face it, we all know words.

Furthermore, when we have no filter or consideration for what the words mean or if they make sense in conjunction, we can write a lot of these words down.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you can even repeat words.

Secondly, writing for such a long expanse of time you become aware that it is not what you are writing that matters, it is more the fact that you can tell other people you are writing something.

Often, I would pick up my phone and put it on speaker whilst writing, calling friends and strangers at random just so they could hear the click-clack of my keyboard as I typed things up.

Nobody, ever read what I had written — not even me. But, that is fine. The point was that I was writing something and I could tell people that, just like I am telling you now.

Thirdly, when all you want to do is act as if your own personal experience somehow qualifies you as an expert then you know that you really do not have to care about anyone else’s opinion.

You can blithely condescend people and retell your experience as if you are a hugely successful author. Trust me, I have written enough words to know what I am talking about.

You also learn that if you write a sentence as a paragraph it means it is even more true.

So now, you are finally ready to go on that journey. Who knows, maybe I will see you at the other side when you have produced copious amounts of tepid bile*.

*(Although, it is unlikely, as I will have written a lot more by that time so I will always be better than you)


Recording my thrifty experiences of recently landing in the U.S from the frugal planet of Yorkshire. Stay on the cosmic shoestring whilst still being a human.

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